Welcome to Restore, The Counselling & Helping Ministry at The Liberty Church.

Are you feeling Confused about a certain area of your life?
Having thoughts of depression?
Feeling Frustrated?
Are you experiencing a Marriage breakdown?
A relationship breakdown?
Ill Health?
Loss or disappointment?

Whatever challenge you're facing, we're here to listen, support and offer practical help. At The Liberty Church we have a dedicated team of counsellors and skilled helpers who are trained to guide you through your journey into a more positive place.

Our counselling and helping sessions are designed to focus on you and your needs; so whether you just need a listening ear, want to talk out your thoughts and feelings, or would appreciate godly insight and support, Restore is at hand to help. You don't need to worry; everything discussed during the session will be confidential.

Please complete the Counselling/Helping Request Form

Once completed, you will be allocated either a counsellor or a skilled helper based on the determination of the Restore Team Lead (Counselling and Skilled Helpers Team). A counsellor is a qualified counsellor whilst a skilled helper is someone who has basic counselling training and is skilled at helping and supporting individuals.

Please Note

Pastoral counselling is available for "members" of The Liberty Church, members are those who have completed Connect 1 and 2. The Liberty Church receives many requests for counselling and desires to handle each one with great care and attention. As such, we may refer some requests to the NHS or to the Association for Christian Counsellors (ACC), where we are unable to support your request.


Have you had previous counselling concerning the issues for which you are currently seeking counselling or help? Yes / No


Please indicate the days and times you are available for counselling or helping sessions.
(Please note - Availability during a weekday at daytime usually facilitates appointments being allocated faster than when a client is only able to make weekday evenings or weekends)

Tuesday daytimeTuesday eveningWednesday daytimeWednesday eveningThursday daytimeThursday eveningFriday daytimeSaturday

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