Christian life is exciting when you are growing and becoming all that you were meant to be. At the Liberty Church, we have put together a spiritual growth track to help you do just that.



Connect Membership

Are you new to TLC and considering becoming, or ready to become a member of the church? Then this course is for you. This course will equip you with all the in’s and out’s of Liberty Church and all you need to become a fully fledged member of the family.

1.The New Birth & Baptism

  • 2.About TLC
  • The History of TLC
  • The Purpose of the Church
  • The 5 Distinctives
  • The Vision of TLC… What is our Win?
  • The Values of TLC
  • The TLC Organisation
  • The Volunteer Teams
  • The Small group system
  • The Development Tracks

  • 3. Benefits of Membership
    • Requirements of Membership
    • Commitment & Oath



Grow: Maturity

B.Grow (200 level)…Maturity
  • What is Spiritual Maturity?
  • Christian Character
  • Spiritual Maturity Habits
  • The Growth Factor - The Holy Spirit
  • Spiritual Health Assessment


Serve: Ministry

Service is part of the Christian life and you are uniquely gifted to make a difference in the lives of others. This course will help you discover your unique gifts and how you can use them to serve others, within and outside the church.
  • What is Ministry (Service)?
  • Why do we Serve?

  • Who do we Serve?
  • Spiritual Authority
  • Brokenness & Usefulness
  • Understanding your Shape - SHAPE profile
  • Personal Ministry Interview



Special Campaigns

More information to come!

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